Hi guys,

My name is Tali, I’m a wellness coach, and I have a vision.
My vision is to reach everyone who wants to get better, no big words, no big expenses. I believe that everyone can – you just need to want it (if I could do it, trust me, anyone can).

I’m a Naturopath, Aromatherapist, Tui-na therapist and Bach Flowers therapist, so you see…Wellness is my thing.

Not always it was.

I was fighting my obesity, denied any kind of sport, ate what I felt like and hoped for the best.
On 2012 my dad died suddenly. My first reaction was to gain more weight, because, as you can understand by now, I am an emotional eater. I hit 200 lb. that spread on my 5.2 ft. (about 90 Kg for 1.6 m). I was very uncomfortable, but reached a point where I thought that it’s not going to change. I tried so many diets, I even lost weight, just to gain it back. On 2013 I needed a change and I’ve decided to study, and learn to be a Naturopath.  It was new for me and interesting, took me a while, but I’ve started to change my diet. Slowly.
On 2015, at the age of 47, I’ve signed to a gym (finally!!!). My trainer loves to remind me how I looked back then, how I wore big t-shirts, and especially… how I moaned

I’m still not crazy about exercising, but I made it part of my life with a lot of encouragement from my close friends and family.
My favorite sport is weight-lifting. No, I’m not a body builder… no! but it’s fun and challenging for me, and that is the secret, to find something to like. Then do other stuff which is not as fun, but you know… we have to.

The big conclusion from my story is that everyone (and I really mean everyone) can do it. No need for expensive equipment, no need to spend a small fortune on food. All is very reachable. Stick with me and learn how.
Results guaranteed.

Best regards,